Our Purpose
Our Mission

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To provide professional and engineering consulting services for the built-environment. The client needs is at the centre of what we do and how we do it.
Our Vision

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To be a dynamic, prosperous, multidisciplinary group of consulting engineers that has a national footprint with an international reach. We aspire to maintain and develop our technical excellence and innovation with involvement in associated industries; uplifting communities through sustainable solutions.

We will supply professional services of an excellent technical standard in line with our QMS and client requirements.


We will, at all times, conduct business in an honest and ethical manner.


We will develop skills to ensure that clients’ requirements are met with an innovative and proactive approach.

Results Driven

We will apply ourselves tirelessly to our work, enabling the company to deliver maximum value for our clients.

Team Work

We will be part of a team that works in a mutually beneficial and respectful environment to achieve high quality results.

Adding Value

We will deliver solutions that are cost-effective, innovative, and environmentally conscious.